Tools and Tips



Overleaf: manuscript and proposal preparation

Google scholar: bibliography search

Zotero: bibliography tool

BibTex Quick Copy for Google Scholar: a chrome extension for google scholar for quick save

Google docs: for non-manuscript sharable documents


Evernote: for documenting and recording meetings

Data analysis

Jupyter + numpy + pandas + matplotlib: data analysis and visualization

Plot digitizer: digitizing plots to get values. Web version


Jupyter + matplotlib

Make black background plots in matplotlib + jupyter for presentation [gist link].

Setup jupyter for your high resolution retina display [gist link].

Setup helvetica font in jupyter + matplotlib [gist link].

How to make your PDF from matplotlib more editable in Adobe Illustrator [gist link].

Auto reloading of packages [gist link].

How to activate interactive plot mode in Jupyter [gist link].

Conda (anaconda distribution python)

Useful commands for conda environment managements [wiki link]

When pip install fails in macOSX [gist link].

How to add a conda environment to Jupyter [gist link].


Make annotated/tracked manuscript with rebuttal letter in overleaf [gist link].

Locate tables and figures in latex document [gist link]

How to make an inline citation in Nature style document (such as "ref. 10") [gist link].