Study Guide for Jupyter + Python


What is Jupyter and How did it start?

Project Jupyter: From interactive Python to open science by Fernando Perez [video]

I want to have a quick walkthrough tutorial and I have 30 min for that.

Jupyter Notebook Tutorial: Introduction, Setup, and Walkthrough by Corey Schafer [video]

What type of stuff can I do with Jupyter? Can I see some examples?

A gallery of interesting Jupyter Notebooks [github]


Now I am ready to learn Jupyter and Python. How can I install it and how can I set up?

How To Install Anaconda! by Mark Jay [video]

Managing Python Environments with Conda by Mark Jay [video]


I am a scientist, I have some basic coding experience, and I want to learn quickly how I can do basic stuff with Python in 1-2 hrs.

A Crash Course in Python for Scientists by Rick Muller [jupyter notebook]

Lectures on scientific computing with python, as IPython notebooks by J R Johnson. [github]

I am a beginner without any coding experience. I want to try Python and am willing to dedicate 3-4 days. Any free and light-weighted learning resources available?

Python for Everybody by Charles Severance [web]

Think Python - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist by Allen B. Downey [pdf]

Now I decide to use Python for my scientific research and am willing to dedicate a week for learning Python.

Scipy Lecture Notes - One document to learn numerics, science, and data with Python [html]

Introduction to Python for Science by David J. Pine [html]

Python + Numpy + Matplotlib in-depth lectures by Corey Schafer [videos]

The Python Tutorial [html]

I want to have a book that covers basic tools in Python for my scientific research.

Python Data Science Handbook by Jake Van der Plas [html]

Matplotlib - Plotting

What types of plots I can produce in Matplotlib.

Python Graph Gallery [html]

I need to make a plot in 5 min in Jupyter notebook. I do not have much background in Python.

Very brief tutorial for Matplotlib [jupyter notebook]

Now I am ready to learn Matplotlib in detail and I have about 2 hours.

Matplotlib tutorial by Nicolas P. Rougier [github]

I want to go to the next level for Matplotlib.

Moving to object-based plotting [html]

Pandas - Large Data Handling

I have a large dataset to work with and I hear about Pandas. Can I try so that I can see if it is good for my purpose or not in 10 min.

10-minute tour of pandas by Wes McKinney [video]

Statistics is important for me and I want to know how to do statistics in Python + Jupyter Notebook.

First, for basic reading: Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences 3rd Edition by Philip Bevington and D. Keith Robinson (you may try google for PDF) [amazon]

Statistical Data Analysis in Python by Christopher Fonnesbeck [jupyter notebook |video ]

Open Content for self-directed learning in data science by Nitin Borwankar [github]

Scipy - Numerical methods

I want to learn numerical methods.

Teaching numerical methods with IPython notebooks: a tutorial prepared for Scipy 2014 [github]

A collection of numerical methods in Python. Includes root finding, interpolation, least squares, differentiation, integration, Monte Carlo, ODE solvers and a few extras [github]


I heard Latex is way better than other word processing apps. However, it looks scary complicated. I wonder if there is any quick and easy way to start?

Latex in Overleaf tutorial [web with video]