Current members

Helene Piet, Postdoc, hpiet at ASU dot EDU.

Byeongkwan Ko, Postdoc, byeongkw at ASU dot EDU.

Suyu Fu, Postdoc, suyufu at ASU dot EDU.

Harrison Allen-Sutter, Graduate student, hallensu at ASU dot EDU.

Taehyun Kim, Visiting Graduate student from Yonsei University.

Britany Kulka, Graduate student, bkulka at ASU dot EDU.

Xuehui Wei, Graduate student, starting in Jan 2021.


Robert Rezvani (2019) Undergraduate student.

Ayla Zustra (2019) Undergraduate student.

Jacqueline Tappan (2018-2019) Undergraduate student. Now Staff Hydrologist at Leonard Rice Engineers Inc.

Abigail Weibel (2017-2018) Undergraduate student. Now Project Manager Associate for ASU's Interplanetary Initiative.

Huawei Chen (2014-2019) Ph.D. student. Now Staff Scientist at China University of Geosciences, China.

Jonathan Dolinschi (2017-2019) Master degree student. Now Ph.D. student at BGI.

Carole Nisr (2012-2018) Postdoc researcher and Research associate. Now Adjunct Faculty at Department of Physical Sciences, Phoenix College.

Shaela Noble (2015-2016) Undergraduate student.

Patrick Kennedy (2014-2015) Undergraduate student.

Yu Ye (2012-2014) Postdoc. Now Associate Professor at China University of Geosciences, China.

Qian Zhang (2012-2013) Visiting graduate student from Peking University, China, Now Research Staff at China University of Geosciences, China.

Chen Gu (2010-2012) Graduate Student. Now Postdoc at MIT.

Antonio Buono (2011-2012) Postdoc. Now Staff Scientist at Exxon-Mobil.

Brent Grocholski (2008-2011) Postdoc. Now Senior Editor at journal Science.

Krystle Catalli (2005-2011) Graduate Student, DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate Fellow. Now Reliability Engineer at Apple Inc.

Lizi George (2009) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Applications Engineer at Silicon Laboratories.

Michael DeMeo (2008-2009) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Application Engineer at Exa Corporation.

Deidre LaBounty (2008) Undergraduate Student (Summer UROP). Now Graduate student at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Rachel Zucker (2007-2009) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Software Engineer at Cruise Automation.

Justin Hustoft (2006-2007) Postdoc. Now Assistant Professor of Physics, Mount Mary University.

Caitlin Murphy (2006-2007) Undergraduate Student (Senior thesis). Now a Senior Energy Policy Analyst at National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Sarah Slotznick (2006) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Miller Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California.

Nicholas Leiby (2004-2005) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Lead Research Scientist at Two Six Labs.

Scott Lundin (2004-2006) Graduate Student. Now Director of Offshore Energy - East at Tetra Tech.

Javier Santillan (2004-2006) Ford Post-doctoral Fellow. Now Global CT Manager at Apple.

Sandeep Rekhi (2003-2005) Postdoc. Now Senior Engineer at Apple, Inc.