Current members

Taehyun Kim, Postdoc researcher

Sibo Chen, Postdoc researcher

Xuehui Wei, Ph.D. student

Maxwell Queener, Graduate student

Erin Mann, Undergraduate student


Shradhanjli Ravikumar (2021-2023) Undergraduate student. Now a Research Intern at Columbia University.

Enzo Carrascal (2023) Undergraduate student. Now a Ph.D. student at Caltech.

Harrison Horn (2018-2022) Ph.D. student. Now Postdoctoral Researcher at Livermore National Laboratory.

Suyu Fu (2020-2022) Postdoc researcher. Now Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellow.  University of Tokyo.

Helene Piet (2017-2021) Postdoc researcher and Research associate. Now Scientist at W. L. Gore.

Byeongkwan Ko (2015-2021) Ph.D. student and Postdoc researcher. Now Postdoc at Michigan State University.

Britany Kulka (2018-2021) Undergraduate student and Master degree student. Now Ph.D. student at Oxford University.

Robert Rezvani (2019) Undergraduate student.

Ayla Zustra (2019) Undergraduate student.

Jacqueline Tappan (2018-2019) Undergraduate student. Now Staff Hydrologist at Leonard Rice Engineers Inc.

Abigail Weibel (2017-2018) Undergraduate student. Now Project Manager Associate for ASU's Interplanetary Initiative.

Huawei Chen (2014-2019) Ph.D. student. Now Staff Scientist at China University of Geosciences, China.

Jonathan Dolinschi (2017-2019) Master degree student. Now Ph.D. student at BGI.

Carole Nisr (2012-2018) Postdoc researcher and Research associate. Now Professor at Department of Physical Sciences, Phoenix College.

Shaela Noble (2015-2016) Undergraduate student. Master degree student in the Environmental Policy and Management program at UC Davis.

Patrick Kennedy (2014-2015) Undergraduate student.

Yu Ye (2012-2014) Postdoc. Now Associate Professor at China University of Geosciences, China.

Qian Zhang (2012-2013) Visiting graduate student from Peking University, China, Now Research Staff at China University of Geosciences, China.

Chen Gu (2010-2012) Graduate Student. Now Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University.

Antonio Buono (2011-2012) Postdoc. Now Staff Scientist at Exxon-Mobil.

Brent Grocholski (2008-2011) Postdoc. Now Senior Editor at journal Science.

Krystle Catalli (2005-2011) Graduate Student, DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate Fellow. Now Reliability Engineer at Apple Inc.

Lizi George (2009) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Applications Engineer at Silicon Laboratories.

Michael DeMeo (2008-2009) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Application Engineer at Exa Corporation.

Deidre LaBounty (2008) Undergraduate Student (Summer UROP). Now Graduate student at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Rachel Zucker (2007-2009) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Software Engineer at Cruise Automation.

Justin Hustoft (2006-2007) Postdoc. Now Assistant Professor of Physics, Mount Mary University.

Caitlin Murphy (2006-2007) Undergraduate Student (Senior thesis). Now a Senior Energy Policy Analyst at National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Sarah Slotznick (2006) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Assistant Professor at Darthmouth College.

Nicholas Leiby (2004-2005) Undergraduate Student (UROP). Now Lead Research Scientist at Two Six Labs.

Scott Lundin (2004-2006) Graduate Student. Now Director of Offshore Energy - East at Tetra Tech.

Javier Santillan (2004-2006) Ford Post-doctoral Fellow. Now Global CT Manager at Apple.

Sandeep Rekhi (2003-2005) Postdoc. Now Senior Engineer at Apple, Inc.